Ann Nicholson Brown

Anne Nicholson Brown is an artist working in photographic collage. She has created a body of work that serves to document her process of observing and collecting memories. The result is works of art that are both a meditation on place and objects of tangible remembrances. Nicholson Brown lives with her family in Connecticut, spending time on the island of North Haven in the summers. She cites her time on the island as a key influence in her artistic practice. In her recent series Postcards to an Island, Nicholson Brown uses postcards gathered over many years as a foundation for her photographic collages. She writes that in collaging elements of the island together onto these postcards, she is “sending in return the messages of love and beauty that [she is] so grateful to have been given.” 

Nicholson Brown is a member of Sandi Haber Fifield’s photography workshop in New York City. She has exhibited widely throughout the Northeast, including at the North Haven and Hopkins Wharf Galleries.