Anne-Emmanuelle Marpeau: Elfin (Sold)

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Shadowbox model, 23.5" x 10" x 8" 

Elfin was one of the first North Haven dinghies built. Legend has it that Elfin was a modified copy of William Weld’s dinghy from Gitana, his yacht. Elfin was the prototype for subsequent North Haven dinghies built by James Ossie Brown. North Haven racing dinghies are considered the oldest active racing sailboat class in America. Shortly after summer residents began to arrive in the early 1880s, informal dinghy racing using local boats and Weld’s Gitana dinghy were held. Over the 1884-5 winter, J.O Brown built 4 matching boats based on Weld’s dinghy. Others followed and Elfin became the standard.

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